Saving Energy – One Resolution At a Time

Here are some new year resolution suggestions for you to save energy.

  • Take stairs whenever possible. Because elevators take a lot of energy, sometimes consuming as much as 15% energy consumed in the building. And there are always added benefits of a little exercise. Your heart pumps fresh, oxygen rich blood allover your body, your lungs work at their full capacity, your leg muscles get all oiled and warmed up and stress relieving chemicals are released in your blood. Also at airports, walk instead of using escalators etc. unless you are carrying a lot of luggage.
  • Next time when you visit or yahoo maps, write down directions instead of printing if possible. The way directions are printed, it very wasteful. Printer in active mode consumes about 1000 Watts energy. Also it takes energy to manufacture that ink etc. At home, you are most likely not going to have a printer that prints on both sides,but you can write on both sides. So you save a paper sheet there. Saving everywhere for a small trouble of writing a few lines like “R on Jefferson 1.2m, L on Lexington 0.3 m”. Come on, you can do this much for mother earth. Every day several million people print directions from websites like mapquest, google maps, and yahoo maps. When they print it, more than half of the place is taken by some stupid ad. Nothing but waste of ink, waste of paper, and waste of power consumed by printer. If you hand-write it, amount of pen ink you will spend is negligible compared to the printer ink and definitely you will save atleast one sheet of paper.Production of Ink and paper again take more power and natural resources.  So more savings there. Saving about two packs of A4 paper means saving one tree. So if every American does this, just this small change could save a few thousand threes every day.
  • When you drive into a parking lot, take the spot you find quickest and park there, even if it means a little longer walk to the store or bank. Not only you will get some exercise, you will save some valuable amount of fuel, save some Oxygen and reduce the risk of accident by a small fraction. The speed at which you drive in parking lot are is extremely inefficient when it ocmes to fuel consumption. Also it is a known fact parking lot is the place where maximum number of accidents happen.

In all these and other resolutions you make, keep some room for exceptions. Allow yourself a break once in a month. Almost always there are situations when we can’t do it. No point going through a big trouble just to keep resolution. Otherwise you will start hating your resolution.


~ by Kedar on December 28, 2006.

3 Responses to “Saving Energy – One Resolution At a Time”

  1. What about working at the 37th floor ?

  2. Perhaps you could take a ride to 34th or 35th floor and walk up a couple floors?
    37 floors climbing is certainly out of question.

  3. Thanks, I wouldn’t like to choose between being good or sweaty… !!

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