Terrorist Proof Infrastructure – A Letter to President Of USA

I wrote this letter some time back. But I did not feel like posting it or emailing it. I am sure white house must be getting thousands of letters and I was not sure if they would provide attention to mine. So instead I am just posting it here.

I know this is not directly related to saving energy. But if this idea works, this will be a big help to Iraq war operations and will also pave the way for societies and entire countries taking the alternate energy route and thus serving the main point, a sustainable way of living.


Dear Mr. President,

Since the beginning of war, I have been following your speeches. Your vision for Iraq and middle east has genuine merits. However it has hit unexpected roadblocks. The future of the democratic middle east depends upon success of Iraq as a modern society and democracy. I am just a common person and all I have are ideas. I am taking this chance to contribute my ideas here.

Two key points I would like to stress here are “terrorist-proof infrastructure” and “crowd-sourcing”

In Soviet Union era, Internet was developed to prevent the destruction of information by strategic nuclear attacks. This vision can be further extended to prevent the damage from tactical attacks which are the characteristic of terrorist organizations. The objective here is to build a “terrorist-proof infrastructure”.

At this point, Iraq is the perfect place to try “terrorist-proof infrastructure”. Insurgent and terrorist activities have always plagued the societies and will keep on doing so in foreseeable future. The current infrastructure like roads, bridges and shopping malls is vital to traditional capitalist economy, but it give these insurgents tactical targets easy to destroy using technology within their reach.

A typical terrorist proof infrastructure will consist of

  1. Completely decentralized power generation
  2. Strong and reliable communication networks

Iraq is blessed with continuous sunshine throughout the year. If every home in Iraq has solar panels and generates electricity locally, it will make a huge difference. This can be a testing ground for feasibility studies of such power generation in USA in future.

Also the communication networks can be set such that using a local dish antenna and satellites, a high band width communication connection will be available to every household. This connection will provide services like phone, fax, TV, video conferencing. A reliable and high capacity communication connection can work wonders. It can enable an ordinary citizen to perform a lot of activities without being required to venture on street. This will help bring the Iraqi life to normal and speed up the recovery process. Following are some of the activities that can be performed online.

  1. The universities can be run online and students can learn in comfort of their home, without fearing attacks from terrorists.
  2. Banks can be operational online.
  3. People can cast ballots in election which can be conducted online.
  4. Video conferencing will reduce need for personal travel.
  5. Some more institutions like Stock exchange can be run online.

Hopefully the ideas presented here were worth your time. I appreciate your attention and hope that eventually the situation will turn win-win situation for Iraqi as well as USA citizens.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,



~ by Kedar on January 15, 2007.

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