Saving Energy – One Ceiling Fan At A Time

For cooling, have you ever thought of ceiling fan?

A decent sized ceiling fan when well placed in room can induce wind chill of about 5 degree Celsius, that is approximately 10 degree Fahrenheit. So in summer you can leave your air conditioner at 80 deg Fahrenheit, turn on ceiling fan and feel like 70 deg. Considering that each degree you go closer to ambient temperature, you will save about 3-5 % electricity and ceiling fan consumes only about 60 to 150 Watts compared to 4000 – 6000 W of central air conditioning. Do not be surprised if you achieve about 33% saving in cooling costs.

Ceiling fans cost about $25-$50 at local stores and can be easily be fixed yourself. With that cost , you are looking at payback period of probably less than a couple of months and pure savings after that.

Some ceiling fans allow rotation in inverse direction as well. So in winter when you are heating room, you can rotate ceiling fan to draw air from the floor towards the top. This will improve circulation and save some additional amount on your heating bills.

The same holds true for any fan, whether it is mounted on ceiling on sits on your desk. It brings in local wind chill effect at much much lower cost than an air conditioner.

Here are some links that talk about energy savings that can be achieved using a ceiling fan.

On an interesting side note. If you are in a car and if you are driving with open windows to fuel consumed in powering air conditioner, then you might be doing wrong thing unless you are driving at high speeds. At high speeds, air drag created by open windows makes the engine work more and consume more fuel. Typically this inversion occurs at 45-50 mph. Meaning driving with windows down saves you fuel at 45 mph, but not at 55 mph. But certainly you are better off leaving windows open or partially open at lower speeds. Here is a link to myth buster program that discussed this fact.

So turn on your fan and enjoy the cool breeze as well as savings in utility bill.


~ by Kedar on January 30, 2007.

12 Responses to “Saving Energy – One Ceiling Fan At A Time”

  1. So the best scenario would be – don’t open your windows and don’t turn on the air conditioners. This would be the ultimate solution!

  2. Does the ceiling fan help in cooling, while the ac is running?

  3. I live in Singapore (a state on a very hot tropical island) and I started to use this ceiling fan a couple of months ago. I use it 2 ways:

    1 – I use only ceiling fan and AC off. Most of the time it is enough for me to feel comfortable. Ceiling fan removes need for AC at most of the time.

    2 – I use ceiling fan and AC together. With ceiling fan on I can set AC to 30-31 degrees celcius and feel around 25 degrees celcius. It helps savings because running AC at 30 degrees is 15% more efficient then 25 degrees. But still most savings come from closing AC.

  4. Should the ceiling fan remain on even when no one is home?

  5. I have three ceiling fans in my house but never realized its value until recently. After a month of using the ceiling fan in conjunction with my AC, I saw my electric bills decrease by $20. Not bad, right?

  6. I have been living in a country with a tropical climate for the past two years. If I were to use my air conditioning everyday my electric bill would be $200-300 per month. However, I use two ceiling fans in my unit and my electric bill is only around $20 per month and I live very comfortably.

  7. There are other alternatives to cutting back on your electric bill. Putting window film on your windows can reduce cooling costs by 30%! It blocks the heat from the sun from entering the home so your AC runs less to cool the home!

  8. Ceiling fans are really great because they look more elegant and can be placed on the unused portion of your home. ,,,’, Thanks again dietary supplements site

  9. I love to have powerful ceiling fans on my home since they are needed for proper ventilation.^

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  10. A ceiling fan rotates much more slowly than an electric desk fan; it cools people effectively by introducing slow movement into the otherwise still, hot air of a room, inducing evaporative cooling. Fans never actually cool air, unlike air-conditioning equipment, but use significantly less power (cooling air is thermodynamically expensive).-

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  11. A ceiling fan can save you up to 40% on summer cooling costs. I own a Haiku ceiling fan and although the initial price is a little high, the energy savings are amazing.

  12. Yes, ceiling fans have a lot of potential to save energy. Now we have highly efficient ceiling fans that very little energy. Have a look at PowerHouseFan

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