Saving Energy – One Hot Water Drop At A Time

What about your water tap? If it is leaking at 1 drop per second, and if that leak happens to be from hot water line then how much money is dripping in drain?

At 1 ml per drop and 1 drop/sec, you have 86,400 ml, that is about 86.4 liters (or about 18 gal.) hot water. Water heaters usually heat water to 70 deg. cel (or about 160 deg fahrenheit). So assuming room temperature 20 deg cel (or 50 deg fahrenheit), you are wasting about 6 KWH energy per day in heating. Considering heater efficiency 0.6 (which is on rather high side), you are spending about 10-12 KWH in electricity. So that means about 1$ in bill per day.

So apart from the loss of purified water and addition of about 15 lb. of CO2 in atmosphere (in addition to it’s nasty cousins like CO, H2S, etc.), you are wasting about a dollar a day because your hot water tap is leaking.

Agreed, what we discussed above is worst case scenario in many cases. The water drop is usually somewhat less than 1 ml and the rate at which drops fall might be less than 1 per sec. But still, leaking hot water is leaking money.


~ by Kedar on February 14, 2007.

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