Saving Gas

CNN is carrying a story about saving gas myths and realities. Somewhat interesting.

A great source of information about fuel economy is here  specially this article.

I love charts.  And they have something I was looking for before some days.  A chart of speed vs. mileage.

Speed Vs. Milage

To put it simply, when it comes to saving gas, two big savers are

1. Avoid breaking as much as possible- use cruise, or just drive and glide

2.  Drive between 25 mph to 55 mph as much as possible. If you are driving at 75 mph, you are burning fuel at almost 20-22% faster rate than that at 55 mph. If you are driving a distance of 20 miles in a car that gives 30 mpg on freeway at 55 mph, then you will reach 5 minutes earlier to your destination, but you would have burned 0.91 gallons (@23 mpg from chart) of fuel instead of 0.67 gallons. Thus costing you 0.75$ extra.

Not a big deal at 20 miles, eh? But do that day in day out for 10 years every weekday and you wasted a few thousand dollars.

Two small savers are

1. Keep your car well maintained- timely clean filters, make sure there is enough air pressure  in tires.

2. Do not carry unnecessary stuff around.

~ by Kedar on May 9, 2007.

One Response to “Saving Gas”

  1. I’m assuming different vehicles would have different speed vs. mileage charts. Do you know of any website that would have these different graphs for different vehicles?

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