Which Grade of Gas You Filled Today?

You are in rush, but your tank is almost empty. You pull up in a gas station, open the door, and get out. You pick the nozzle farthest on left and stick it in your tank. The gas starts flowing. Tank is full in a minute or two. You put the nozzle back, take the receipt (or not) and drive away thinking you filled the cheapest grade of gas. How could it be otherwise? Far left is always “Regular”, middle is “Plus” and far right is “V Power” or “Premium”. This is what we are used to.

Umm, not so simple. Look at this photograph.

Regular First

The places of “Regular” and “V Power” are swapped. If you wanted to fill “Plus” grade and you went by the habit , then you just filled costliest gas.

But no problem, we always fill “Regular” and we are OK as long as regular is on the left, right?

Not so fast. Look at the picture of pump right next to the first one.
Plus First

So if you did not not look properly, you will end up filling “Plus” grade of gasoline, instead of “Regular” grade. If you own a F150 with fuel tank capacity approx. 30 gallons, then with today’s gas prices ( difference of about 10 cents in regular and premium grades), you paid $3.00 extra even without knowing.

Remaining all pumps on this gas station followed the conventional sequence of “Regular”, “Plus” and “V Power” from left to right.

A sinister plot ?, or just couple of mistakes? Don’t know. But this “mistake” is in favor of the company or gas station owner. So I have a reason to be suspicious.

Check out pumps on the station next time you visit gas and if you find similar “mistakes”, leave me a comment here. Let’s see if this is one of a kind thing or a common practice.


~ by Kedar on May 11, 2007.

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