Rechargable Batteries? How about no batteries?

I already have a post on my blog about rechargeable batteries and how they can save you money at the same time reducing environmental waste.

Overall, the huge difference the reusable things make cannot be stressed enough. For a product if the ratio (usable life / total life) is small, then that product not only costs more in long run, but also does more harm to the environment. In case of one-time batteries, the whole life cycle is manufacture, transport, shelving, purchase, use, trash, dispose or landfill. At each step energy is being used. Especially transport of these batteries uses large amount of energy.

So first step is to move from one time use batteries to rechargeable batteries. That would be nice, isn’t it? But here is even better solution, no batteries.

Here is a remote that has winding charger. (Google search remote control forever batteries) You wind the lever for a minute or so, and the remote is good to go for next seven days. So, you burned about 10 calories, taking you an inch closer to your weight loss resolution for the year, AND, you saved money, you saved environment.

Just imagine if all the energy , oil consumed in one time use batteries is saved. Imagine all the chemicals, lead, acid not polluting our environment. Imagine the truck full or heavy battery packages suddenly absent from the roads. And also imagine saving a few dollars in the process. Imagine your house balance sheet making a tiny move from red to black.

January Make Magazine carries a story about shake and charge remote. Since I cannot write that copyrighted material, I contacted Prof. D V Gadre, who was the brain behind that remote. He has kindly sent me a link to another of his battery-less project on youtube. It’s an electronic dice. But the charging mechanism is pretty much same as he had described in his Make magazine article.

Indeed green is the new black.


~ by Kedar on January 19, 2008.

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